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Lux Product Labels - Label Ideas

by Jenny Melick

We heavily rely on Online Labels for our product labels. At Roses and Azalea, we create organic personal care and beauty products that enhance the modern woman's daily self-care rituals. Our minimalistic approach uses only the highest quality, minimally-processed botanicals and natural ingredients that are effective, high-performing with absolutely no fillers - USDA certified organic because it does matter. Experience healthy beauty.

How was this label used?

For this particular project, the labels were used on our dropper bottles for our eye oil which helps dark circles around the eyes and puffy eyes - works like magic! We love using Online Labels because of the flexibility to print small runs of different projects to diversify the number of products we manufacture as a small business. I've used so many different types of materials and sizes of labels; Online Labels is so responsive and makes things easy! Thank you for being a supplier we can rely on as a small business!

Useful tips for this project

Printer settings are important, especially with the different materials you use. With weatherproof stickers, you have to figure out the optimum settings for your printer. Online Labels has excellent customer service and will back you up every time you have an issue - contact them! Definitely plan ahead; even though Online Labels get your order out in a flash, you don't want to wait last minute to for a launch and design things last minute. Oh, and as for design, less is more sometimes if you want that lux look! Design can make or break a brand! Sometimes you don't have to always have someone else print your labels especially when you're starting out. If you have strong design skills, you can do it in-house.