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Ferlow Botanicals Product Labels - Label Ideas

by Peter Ferlow

Ferlow Botanicals sells "clean ingredient" personal care products for eczema/psoriasis (npn licensed), joint pain, and just moisturizing/beauty. We don't use any dubious or garbage ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, fake color, synthetic fragrances. Only quality safety proven raw materials. Made fresh in small batches. Health Canada site licensed facility and natural health product GMP guidelines in manufacturing. 20+yrs in business.

How was this label used?

Most of our products (except for pre-printed full graphics soft tubes) use laser sheets with excellent results. Everything from our shampoo bottles to our soap labels.

Useful tips for this project

Drawer 1, thick 2 (clear laser) or thick 3 (polyester) for best results. Label adhesive residue needs to be cleaned out of the paper transport track from time to time. Original toner works the best. Aftermarket uses twice the toner and wears out IU's and transfer belt much faster.