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Home Ideas Desert Oasis Skincare Sample Pack

Desert Oasis Skincare Sample Pack - Label Ideas

by Ann Richmond

We actually use 4 different labels in our Skincare Sample Pack: OW421WS Rectangle for the pure jojoba oil & jojoba oil lip balm. OL3012WS 1.25 Circle for the jojoba oil hand salvelet & jojoba oil soap sample. OL914WS 1.75 Circle for the jojoba oil salt scrub. OL9815WS 2x1 Oval for the label on the box cover. We use the White Gloss labels because our labels are full color. That makes the colors really vibrant, which mimics the colors of the fruits we use to infuse the jojoba oil for our scents.

Useful tips for this project

Because our colors are so intense, we decided to get the labels printed at Office Depot. It just takes them a little bit of jiggling with the printer settings to get the labels lined up correctly. Also we have so many labels. For example, Because each label is a different color, we don't have 1 lip balm label with different flavors we have 7 different intensely colored ones. All in all we are up to nearly 50 different labels just for the front of the products. It does mean we have to make sure in advance that we have the labels we need, but we just have not been able to get the same intense colors printing them ourselves. So we all carry thumb drives with the pdf for each label. LOL