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Full Sheet Labels With Back Slits

Make label application a breeze with labels that are easy to peel. These full sheet labels have cuts in the liner to help facilitate removal and application.

Full Sheet Labels Without Back Slits

Choose this no-slit liner for printing full sheet designs or for use with electronic cutting machines. This product is often referred to as sticker paper.

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Labels Per Sheet

8.5" x 14" Full Sheet Labels

Fit more per page with these legal-sized full sheet label options.

11" x 17" Full Sheet Labels

Shop full sheet labels (with or without back slits) on ledger/tabloid-size sheets.

12" x 18" Full Sheet Labels

Take advantage of a bigger canvas for your ideas with these four configurations.

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What's a back slit on a full sheet label?

You've probably encountered full sheet labels without back slits before – they can be challenging to peel. That's because there's no easy spot to begin separating the label from its liner or back slit.

A back slit is a cut made to the liner side of the sheet. The liner is the side you peel off and discard when you're ready to apply your label. Adding a back slit to the liner makes peeling easier by giving you a separation access point. In turn, back slits can speed up the application process and help minimize damage to the label's integrity.

We offer several types of back slit configurations for you label printer paper.

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