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  • Dimensions: 633 x 1,000 pixels
  • File Size: 119 KB
  • Downloads: 244
  • Creator: yamachem2
  • Date Added: 3/7/2016
  • Categories/Tags: remix+224372, remix+209147, glitch, game, assets, collection, mabbish-coffee, coffee, glass, yamachem
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  • Description: This is the remix of "Drink Mabbish Coffee " uploaded by "glitch". Thanks. glitch was a computer game whose visual assets were released into the public domain after the game failed commercially. The entire collection is about 2,000 clipart.         This glitch clipart is about drink, mabbish-coffee. I made this svg file through the original swf file. At first ,I opened swf with a swf-viewer. and then,captured the image as bmp. then, "Trace-bitmap"ed