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Ganesha - Colour

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  • Dimensions: 1,000 x 963 pixels
  • File Size: 345 KB
  • Downloads: 1,790
  • Creator: j4p4n
  • Date Added: 3/11/2016
  • Categories/Tags: color, colour, culture, elephant, famous-people, god, hindu, india, lotus, print, red, religion, remix+1009
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  • Description: Way back in 2006 or something, user liftarn provided an amazing black and white clipart image of my favorite Hindu god; Ganesha. I know you shouldn't play favorites, and they are all cool gods, but Ganesha just rocks the party, you know? I thought a colour version was needed so that resulted in this remix. (Incidentally Ganesha can be depicted in many colours but red is the most common, I think.)