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Feraliminal Skull Remix

Clip Art Details

  • Dimensions: 850 x 1,000 pixels
  • File Size: 235 KB
  • Downloads: 724
  • Creator: Merlin2525
  • Date Added: 2/12/2016
  • Categories/Tags: bones, calavera, crane, craneo, de, death, deces, esqueleto, huesos, mort, muerte, OS, skeleton, skull, squelette, tete
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  • Description: A remix of the neat clip art by Feraliminal. The original file is feraliminal_skull.svg Added a shadow and some shading. NOTE: THE SVG IS CREATED CORRECTLY, BUT PLEASE USE INKSCAPE TO CREATE A PNG VERSION. FOR SOME ODD REASON IT DOES NOT GENERATE PROPERLY HERE. Install Inkscape from Start Inkscape. On the menu bar, select [File > Open] select the SVG file you downloaded into Inkscape. On the Menu Bar [File > Export Bitmap] Choose the file format and set the dots per in