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Aztec Calender

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  • Dimensions: 1,000 x 996 pixels
  • File Size: 602 KB
  • Downloads: 287
  • Creator: j4p4n
  • Date Added: 2/12/2016
  • Categories/Tags: american, aztec, calender, history, rock, Some favorites, superstition, アステカ
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  • Description: So a bunch of people are still saying the world will end some time this year (2012) because the Aztec Calendar ends this year. Silly. The world doesnt end every year in December when the Western Calender ends, right? This is an Aztec calendar from 100s of years ago, I doubt they copyrighted their design, but even if they did it would be expired by now. So which part of this calender says "Doomsday! Armageddon!"?