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Personalized Thank You Candle Gift

Updated 10/09/2020
Thank you candle gift craft.

There are times when it's nice to have some quick and easy thank you gifts ready to go. We all have super busy lives but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice common courtesy. These Thank You Candle Labels can be edited to add any sentiment you need and work great on a plain candle.

Thank you candle printable label template.

To print out these candle labels, all you need is the free pre-designed template found below and a sheet of labels from I went with a white label to match the modern look of the labels but there are tons of paper options for you to choose from!

Grab the Thank You Candle Gift Printable

Writing on candle thank you label.

When printing from Maestro Label Designer, you'll have the option of editing the text box to customize your labels. I went with a basic “thank you” so that I could print off a whole sheet and keep it in my desk for last minute gifting. I'll be able to write in additional words to customize each gift when ready. If you're planning on giving a few gifts at once that all have the same sentiment, you can just edit the text box. Save yourself a few minutes!

Applying the thank you label to the candle gift.

Another great function of Maestro Label Designer is the Alignment Wizard. I highly suggest you run it before printing anything. It may seem a bit wasteful to use up one whole sheet of labels but it'll save you so much in the long run. Once your alignment is perfect, print out a sheet of these Thank You Candle Gift Labels and apply to candle front. Done and done!

Finished thank you candle label craft.

There are six different label designs on each page but they're complimentary so your gift-giving can have a cohesive look. Again, don't forget that you can completely customize the wording on each label to say exactly what you need it to say! Hope these label templates come in handy!

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