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How To Print Multiple Designs & Partial Sheets Using The Multi-Design Tool

Published 11/12/2019  •  Updated 03/01/2021
Printing partial and multi design sheets.

With Maestro Label Designer, you can designate which labels will receive your printed design using the Multi Design tool. We've outlined the simple process below to get you started.

Note: Partial printing will not work for label configurations with multiple shapes.

Step 1:

Start a New Design on Maestro Label Designer

After launching Maestro Label Designer, you can choose to design a label from scratch or find a pre-designed template from our database. Pick the one that applies to you.

Step 2:

Choosing a type of template in Maestro Label Designer

Under "Select a Design Mode", check "Create multiple label designs on this sheet". Then, you're ready to start a new design!

Step 3:

Designing a label

Now's the fun part. You can use all of Maestro Label Designer's tools to customize your personalized design.

When you're all done, click the "Multi Design" tab at the bottom of the toolbar to your left.

Step 4:

Starting a new design in page view

Click "Add New Design" under the label template.

Step 5:

Laying out the sheet in Maestro Label Designer

Here, you can select the labels you wish to adopt the new design or stay blank. The labels in red represent what will feature the design you just created. Each label that you click will change to green which represents your new design. Hit "Continue" when you're finished.

Step 6:

Your blank design

You should now see a new label with no design. Design your second label on this template, or if you're partial printing, leave blank. Repeat as many times as desired.

Step 7:

Print preview

Click the print icon on the top right corner of Maestro Label Designer, "Print Now," and then "Download and Print".

If everything looks correct in your preview, you're ready to print.

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