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How To Choose the Right Labels for Your Essential Oil Bottles

Updated 01/17/2023

With a growing market for essential oil products, and considering that most essential oil bottles are similar in look and size, it can seem difficult to make your business and product stand out from the crowd.

One important component that plays a big role in making products stand out is having professional-quality essential oil labels that are durable and complement the container.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the right essential oil labels for you by going over what size, shape and material we think work best, and tips for applying your labels.

Choosing a Label Size

The most popular type of label for essential oil bottles is the wrap-around label. These allow you to put all of the product information on one label, and wrap it around the bottle. For these labels, you’ll first need to determine the size of your container by measuring the circumference. There are a couple ways you can do this.

You can use our free printable ruler by first printing out the sheet, then cutting the ruler out and wrapping it around the bottle, then marking where it overlaps. Another option is to use a thin strip of paper, wrap it around the bottle, mark the overlap with a pen, then measure the distance with a regular ruler. We suggest adding a little extra length to the measurement you took so the label you pick will overlap and stick to itself.

Then, determine how tall you want your labels to be. Do you want the look of a thin strip around the bottle, or do you want the label to stretch from top to bottom of the bottle? If you’re using 5 to 10 ml essential oil bottles, we recommend using taller labels and formatting the text sideways, giving you plenty of room to display all your needed product information.

Once you have those measurements, visit the "Labels By Size" section of our website to find the right match. You can also scroll through our selection of essential oil labels for our recommendations on which label templates to use for different size containers.

If your bottle has a flat cap, consider adding a circular label that identifies the product, or has your logo on it. A half inch circle label will fit well on most standard essential oil bottle caps.

Choosing a Label Material

Choosing the material should be a relatively easy decision. You’ll definitely want to protect your label against possible oil leaks and exposure to moisture, so we recommend using any material from our line of weatherproof labels.

We offer a few different options that each give you a different look. Clear Matte Labels give more of a natural look, our Weatherproof Gloss will work with almost any design, and Clear Gloss Labels give you a "barely there" look.

When thinking about what material to use, also consider what type of bottle you’re using and make sure your label design will complement it. For example, our Clear Gloss labels probably wouldn’t be the best option for blue or amber glass bottles unless your design will stand out against that darker background.

It's extremely important to note that any of our materials, even our weatherproof materials, with the exception of clear gloss, will need an additional layer of protection to protect the print from oil damage. This can be done with either a laminating sheet or a coat of clear protective spray, which will effectively seal in the ink and shield it from oil.

However, your best option is to get your labels printed by rolls. Our custom labels on rolls come with a highly durable laminate that provides the protection your labels need against oil. We like this option because you get two-in-one: labels and the laminate. Not to mention, you'll receive high-quality prints, while saving time on printing them yourself.

Applying Your Labels

When it’s time to apply your labels, make sure your bottles are thoroughly cleaned and dried before doing so to ensure no dust, dirt or oil will be trapped under the label.

For rounded containers like essential oil bottles, starting from the middle of the label and working your way out to the sides will give you the straightest results. Try to use either the top or bottom of the bottle for reference when applying the label. The idea is to mimic that straight line so your label will be straight.

Another great tip for applying your labels is to use one product as your example to set the standard as you apply labels to the rest of the bottles. This will help you maintain consistency among all of your products.

Whether you’re getting ready to label products for your essential oil business, or just creating a personalized label for a gift, we hope these tips will help you get started on creating professional-looking essential oil labels.

Ready to get started? Browse our full selection of essential oil labels today.

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