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How To Buy Custom Stickers on a Budget

Updated 08/07/2023
How to buy custom stickers on a budget

Custom stickers are a versatile tool that serves a multitude of purposes, ranging from branding and marketing to personal expression and organization, and more. If you're looking to purchase and create inexpensive stickers on a budget, the best thing you can do is identify your goals and assess your needs before making a decision. You can stay on budget without settling for cheap stickers!

In this article, we'll go over various approaches to help you save money yet still end up with the high-quality custom stickers that you envisioned.


Define Your Sticker Goals

Just like with any other decision you make, determining your goal is the most important step in your sticker buying journey.

Ask yourself what you intend to achieve with your stickers. Are they for personal use, selling online, business promotion, organization, or something else? Knowing your goals will help you determine the quantity, design, and materials required for your specific project.

For example, if you're creating stickers for personal use, you may not be purchasing that many. In this case, you may need to go with a cheaper design or material, since buying stickers in bulk is more cost-effective.

Quantity Considerations

Once you know the purpose of your stickers, it’s time to estimate the number of stickers you need. This requires you to get specific in your goals. Giving the stickers away with orders? Look at how many orders you get and make sure the number of stickers you get is on-par with that.

Like previously mentioned, buying in bulk generally leads to significant cost savings per unit. However, you want to avoid overordering, as unused stickers may go to waste and diminish the cost-effectiveness.

Application and Durability

Lastly, when defining your goals, consider where and how you'll be using the stickers. If they need to withstand outdoor elements, such as rain or sunlight, opt for a weatherproof material to ensure it remains intact. Weatherproof materials usually cost more than paper-based materials, but in some cases, it may be necessary to factor this into your budget.

DIY vs. Printed Stickers

Making stickers yourself using a cutting machine can be a cost-effective option if you’re on a budget, but there are some factors to consider. There’s a significant learning curve associated with DIY sticker production, so evaluate whether the time investment is worthwhile. Plus, if you don’t already have an electronic cutting machine, they can cost hundreds of dollars. While they’ll last you a while, this is a startup cost you need to consider.

DIY stickers may be more economical if you require on-demand stickers or already own a cutting machine. However, for one-time use or larger quantities, it might be more cost-effective to order them printed.

Also, when deciding between DIY and custom printed, consider the value of your time. While making stickers yourself can save money, it may not be the best choice if it takes away time better spent on other essential tasks. Balance cost savings with the worth of your time.

Balancing Size and Cost

It may seem counterintuitive, but when you’re on a budget, go with bulk orders to take advantage of quantity discounts. It’s a heftier upfront cost, but completely pays off in the long run.


If bulk orders just aren’t reasonable for you or your project, consider cutting down your order size as much as possible to reduce costs.


You can also save money by shaving off even just a half-inch from your sticker dimensions. It could be only a few cents cheaper per sticker, but it makes a significant difference when you add it all up in the end. Plus, smaller stickers also provide more versatility for various applications.

Quality Custom Stickers

While budget-friendly options are tempting, remember that sometimes investing in quality stickers is worth it. Custom stickers made with premium materials create a better impression, whether it's for personal use or promoting your business. Your stickers represent your brand, and quality stickers can leave a lasting impact on recipients.

Buying cheap stickers on a budget requires thoughtful planning and consideration. We hope this article was a helpful starting point for you as you evaluate your budget for custom stickers.

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