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Free Pantry Kitchen & Spice Label Templates by Lia Griffith

Updated 03/31/2022
Pantry spice jar label templates.

This post was originally written by Lia Griffith for

Decanting your kitchen foods into glass jars and labeling them is the perfect way to sort a disorganized kitchen and have it looking beautiful and functional all at the same time.

These pantry label templates and jar label templates are perfect for organizing your dry produce and spices. They come in two different designs — one modern, floral, Scandinavian inspired design; the other a simple, elegant design inspired by 1940's signage.

All these labels are editable, and have matching label sizes so you don't have to cut, punch, or trim them out — but they're still compatible with an electronic cutting machine if you have one. Print them on your laser or inkjet printer — or choose to have us print them for you!

For more details and a look at Lia's kitchen pantry in more detail, head on over to her website today

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