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Four Unique Ways Real Business Owners Are Using Threads

Updated 08/18/2023
How business owners are using Threads

The world of marketing is ever-changing and it always has been. In today’s day and age, businesses need to stay up-to-date on the latest social media platforms, and evaluate whether or not it’s worth it to hop on to a new one. A few considerations factor into that decision, including the social media team’s capacity to take on another platform, and how the platform fits into the overall marketing strategy.

One new platform, Meta’s Threads, is changing the way business owners communicate and collaborate. Threads is a new platform that’s directly linked with Instagram. Similar to Twitter, it’s a text-based platform, with the option of including media in posts. Since Threads has been released, many businesses, both large and small, have hopped on and started experimenting with the platform. With it being so new, it’s the perfect time to discuss different strategies, and what we’ve noticed works or doesn’t work.

That’s why in this article, we’ll hear from real business owners about their different and unique approaches to this new app.

Engage with Customers Using Lighthearted Yet Engaging Topics

Because of Thread's casual tone, some business owners have found it to be conducive to keeping things lighthearted and fun! We’ve noticed that this approach usually generates high levels of engagement with followers and customers, and works wonders for humanizing a brand.

This is what Alex McIntosh, CEO & Co-Founder of Thrive Natural Care, had to say about Threads:

"We have found Threads to be a great way for direct engagement with our audience and customers. We can keep the conversation lighthearted and still discuss topics that are important to us. As the platform grows, we anticipate it will become a bigger piece of our social media strategy."

Keeping it lighthearted doesn’t have to mean it’s only fun and games. Like Thrive Natural Care, you can find a way to rope in topics that are important to discuss, while still keeping it casual and lighthearted.

The beauty of Threads is that it’s a blank canvas and businesses can get creative in how they use it to suit their specific needs. Whether you post fun content only, helpful information, or a combination of both, there’s no right way to do it!

Participate in Meme Culture

More and more businesses are hopping onto trends and current popular memes. This is another great way to engage with your customers, and keep your brand top-of-mind. Threads is the perfect place to try out this strategy.

When a company posts a meme, not only is it shocking, but it’s easy to engage with. Generally, consumers like seeing their favorite companies (and companies in general!) being down-to-earth and relatable. More users are likely to comment on these types of posts, which gives you the opportunity to respond to them and start a conversation.

Valerie Nova from Ubunzo says it best:

"As a company specializing in design and marketing, we've found Threads to be a great platform for our content strategy. Given that our company focuses on design and marketing, we mostly share memes and short informational facts. We've found that these types of content resonate well with our audience, helping to spark engagement and conversations."

Once again, get creative with this if you decide this strategy works for your brand. Think about if you only want to post memes relevant to your brand and your products, participate in unrelated trends, or a combination of both.

Behind the Scenes Updates and Announcements

Another great way to utilize Threads is to give your audience captivating behind-the-scenes sneak peaks, which can help facilitate an emotional bond with your customers. It’s humanizing content that’s fun to both create, and watch!

Director of Seven Marketing, Chris Stott, says:

"With its versatile and unique features, we have harnessed Threads to benefit our clients in various ways. Integrating BTS strategies, we offer audiences a genuine peek into our clients' product development, office culture, and team collaborations, fostering transparency and forging stronger emotional connections with their customers."

Have an announcement to make? Why not take it to Threads! With so many people on Threads already, it’s a great avenue to get some eyes on valuable shop information and updates. And don’t just limit it to big announcements. Your site is down, you’ve restocked a popular item, or you brought on a new employee? Write a quick post on Threads and keep your customers in the loop!

These uncurated, quick posts are valuable to users and can help them feel more connected with your business. Plus, the casual nature of Threads creates a new way to quickly share important updates without having to stress out about coming up with a polished post.

Stott adds:

"Additionally, Threads serve as an effective platform for sharing shop updates. Through visually captivating content, we announce product launches, promotions, and exclusive offers, leveraging the platform's user-friendly interface to encourage more conversions and boost sales. Furthermore, our clients have seen remarkable engagement and brand affinity by utilizing Threads to share industry-relevant memes, creating a lighthearted and relatable brand image that resonates exceptionally well with their target audience."

Internal Communication

Have you ever thought about using Threads as a way to communicate internally with employees? Well, if you’re looking for a new team collaboration platform, give this a try! If you do, it may be a good idea to create an account specifically for this purpose.

One CEO has found great success with this method. David Cohen, CEO of Badais International, tells us:

"We are using Threads as a valuable communication platform for our business. It has proven to be a great tool for internal communication, especially for behind-the-scenes (BTS) updates and sharing shop-related information among our team members. Threads helps streamline our team's collaboration, enabling us to efficiently discuss new products, marketing strategies, and upcoming events."

Talk about a unique way to utilize this platform! It’s easy to set up and start collaborating with team members, plus — it’s free.

With such a versatile platform as Threads, the possibilities are endless, and the marketing landscape within it is continuously evolving as we figure it out together. We hope this article was inspiring as you endeavor into a new social media platform.

Check out how we’re using Threads at OnlineLabels!

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