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DIY Easter Activity Placecards & Crayon Holder

Updated 10/08/2020
Easter craft: bunny toilet paper roll

If Easter at your house is anything like Easter at my house, making lunch/dinner can take a little time to pull together. There's a lot of cooking and baking going on! If the kids start looking like they need something fun to do while you're getting things together, I have a fun idea to keep them entertained.

These Easter activity sheets are as easy to make as printing them out! I also have a fun and simple upcycle idea to go with it that you can make in no time flat for holding crayons.

Placemat Activity

Easter lunch/dinner placemat activity for kids; free printable


Printables and label supplies needed for Easter activity for kids

In addition to the printable templates and labels below, you'll want to get a large sheet of construction paper, ribbon, and a hole punch.

The activity sheet is fun for older children and includes Easter-themed connect-the-dots, word scramble, maze, coloring, and jokes. The other sheet is a fun Easter egg coloring activity great for younger children.


Ribbon activity for kids on Easter

Simply print the free templates onto your label sheets and place the labels on the construction paper.

I off-centered the label to leave room for creative drawing.

I also added two holes and tied a ribbon through them in the top righthand corner. The little bow allows children to practice their tying skills and adds a decorative element to the activity sheets.

If you don't use them before lunch/dinner, they can act as placemats at your Easter table!

Fun idea for kids during Easter lunch/dinner: activity sheets for the table

Crayon Holder Project

DIY Easter table decoration: bunny cup holder for crayons

This little bunny craft is super simple to create and makes it easy to keep crayons contained and within reach at the Easter table.


Everything you need to make your own Easter bunny craft
  • Kraft cardstock
  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Black Sharpie
  • Washer (1 per bunny)
  • Cotton balls
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1

DIY Easter bunny kids activity

Cut four teardrop shapes from the cardstock, two for the ears and two for the feet. Also make two 2-inch circles.

In addition, cut the toilet paper roll in half or the paper towel roll into thirds/fourths.

Step 2

Use the Sharpie to draw a bunny face on the toilet paper roll, and feet and ears on their respective shapes.

Step 3

Use hot glue to adhere the washer to the center of one of the circles. This will keep the bunny from tipping over when filled with crayons.

Step 4

Fun craft for kids: Easter bunny crayon/colored pencil/marker holder

Glue the feet pieces to the circle with the washer and then seal the second circle on top to hide everything.

Step 5

Hot glue your tube on top of the circle, keeping glue to the inside so it doesn't show.

Glue on the ears and add a cotton ball tail, too.

Perfect kids activity: make your own Easter bunny with paper towel/toilet paper rolls

With coloring being such a popular activity for all ages right now, you might want to make a few extra for the adults, too!

Alternative idea: Stock the bunny with Easter stickers for the children to use on their placemat activity sheets.

Easter table decorations for kids: DIY bunny crayon holder
Easter table decorations for kids: DIY bunny crayon holder

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