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DIY Sweet Orange Lip Balm Recipe [With Free Printable Labels]

Updated 10/08/2020
DIY orange lip balm recipe + label template

The only thing I love more than having tons of lip balm in every single one of my bags is having HOMEMADE lip balm in every single one of my bags.

Other than the relief of knowing exactly what ingredients were used to make it, making your own lip balm is awesome because you can control exactly how much flavoring you want in it. Don't like overly strong fragrances? No problem, just decrease the amount of essential oil you add to this recipe.

One thing is for sure, if you love the scent of citrus, this sweet orange lip balm is going to be a new favorite!


Ingredients for homemade sweet orange lip balm recipe

You only need a few supplies to make your own sweet orange lip balm. You'll want to grab pure shea butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax pallets, and sweet orange essential oil.

Don't forget containers to put your homemade lip balm in! I found mine on Amazon, but any small container would do.

And of course, the lip balm tin labels and printable to top off your creation.


Let DIY lip balm harden in tin

If you plan on using the same tins I did, using 1 tbsp of the butter, oil, and pallets will give you enough lip balm to fill two of the slider tins. I added 10 drops of the Sweet Orange essential oil but you can adjust according to taste.

Lip balm label template for DIY sweet orange flavor

The other great thing about using is that they have the perfect label size for lip balm slider tins. I've designed coordinating "Orange You Glad" labels that you can use just in case you're planning on making one as a gift. You've got to love a good pun!

DIY lip balm slider tin label

Once you've poured the liquid lip balm into the tin and have allowed it to harden completely, you can now add the labels to the top of the tin. Love the finished look this gives the sweet orange lip balm!

DIY lip balm with homemade label

Whether you're giving this as a gift or planning on keeping for yourself, this lip balm recipe is sure to be loved. The balm hydrates perfectly while the subtle scent gives you a nice energetic boost. Perfect for those long afternoons in the office!

Hope you enjoy making this sweet orange lip balm either for yourself or for a friend!

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