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Easy 5-Minute Kraft Star Garland

Updated 10/08/2020
Make your own garland using brown kraft sticker paper stars

Sometimes, life gives you hours and hours to work on a craft projects ... and sometimes you've got to make a brown kraft star garland in 5 minutes.

Whether you waited until the last minute to decorate for a coworker's birthday or you're a busy mom who just doesn't have enough time, this tutorial is super easy.


DIY garland for parties, events, and more

As I mentioned above, this project is crazy easy to make in just minutes. The only supplies you're going to need are some sheets of kraft sticker paper from, paper punches in your desired shape, and some twine to bring everything together.

I've listed three different label configurations below so you can pick what's easiest for you. The first is a brown kraft label sheet with diagnoal backslits. This one is best if you're using the paper punch I mention above – it'll make peeling the liner super easy. The second option is brown kraft sticker paper. It has no back slits so you can use it with an electronic cutting machine. And finally, the third option is to try our pre-cut star-shaped sticker sheets. No cutting required!

If you decide to go with the paper punch, choosing the shape and size is totally up to you. The only thing you want to keep in mind is that it should probably be fairly large (at least 2") and not extremely intricate. I went with a large star shape but I was also considering hearts as well as a pennant shape. Totally up to you!

If you're going to use an electronic cutting machine, check out our recommended sticker paper cut settings.


Tutorial for making your own birtday party banner

Punch out your shapes from the kraft paper, run the sticker paper through your cutting machine, or peel up the stars from your sticker sheet. Sandwich your twine or string between two stickers.

Don't forget that you'll need to punch out/cut/peel twice as many shapes as you think since you have to double up each one to make the garland.

As for garland length and spacing, 16 stars from one sheet of sticker paper gave me about 4 feet of garland.

Star banner made from brown kraft sticker paper

I absolutely love how simple and sweet this star kraft garland looks hanging, but there are tons of different uses for it as well. You could wrap the entire length around a present for an easy gift wrapping option or hang a bunch vertically to make a photography backdrop. Hope you enjoy making these kraft star garlands!

Quick tutorial for making a garland banner with brown kraft star stickers

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