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Christmas Ornament Photo Labels

Updated 10/08/2020
Easy Christmas ornament craft.

This Christmas, personalize your tree with a super simple ornament craft that's sure to get your kids into the holiday spirit. Not only is this a project that toddlers can help make, it also makes a sweet gift for a loved one.

You can also use these labels as a unique gift tag using the photo for the gift's recipient.

Either case, labels are a fun way to add some creativity and personalization to your Christmas.

All you have to do is upload family photos to Maestro Label Designer, place them in a circle format and print them out on your home printer. We chose to make our family photos black and white to give the ornaments a classic feel. We also chose to use weatherproof labels to make sure the ornaments or gift tags would last and there would be no ink smearing.

Materials needed:


Step 1:

Supplies needed to make the ornament craft.

Upload family photos to Maestro Label Designer and print them out using your home printer.

Step 2:

Punch 3" circles from the festive cardstock.

Step 3:

Peel the family photo labels off of the matrix and stick them onto cardstock circles.

Step 4:

Punch holes onto the top of the cardstock circle.

Step 5:

Use scissors to cut the ribbon or yarn, thread it through the punched hole and tie it into a loop.

Step 6:

Hang it on your tree or use as a gift tag.

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