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7 Ways To Boost Your Business With Effective Label Usage

Updated 03/15/2023
Boost your business with effective label usage

Labels are an essential aspect of most businesses — they provide information, identification, branding opportunities, and more. There are several ways to use labels for your business, each with a unique benefit and purpose.

Whether you need labels for your business, or you’re curious about our capabilities, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 of our favorite (and most necessary) ways to use labels.

Product Labels

Label on a product

Product labels are the most obvious type of label. They provide information about the product, including the product name, business name, ingredients, flavor/scent, nutritional information, instructions, and any other relevant details. Product labels are often required by law, with some industries having specific regulation such as cosmetics and food & drink. Overall, product labels are an important tool for consumer safety and informed purchasing.

Product labels are also vital for setting the stage for what’s inside and provide a huge branding opportunity for your business. You only have the consumer's attention for a few seconds before their eyes wander again, so make sure your product labels leave a good impression, captivate them enough to want to explore your product further, and align with your brand and mission.

Shipping Labels

Shipping label

Shipping labels contain important information about a package, including the sender's and recipient's addresses, as well as information about the contents of the package and any special handling instructions. These labels are affixed to the exterior of a package and are used to ensure that packages are delivered to the correct address in a timely fashion.

Shipping labels are created using specialized software and can be used with a variety of shipping carriers, like the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS, as well as fulfillment platforms and online marketplaces.

Organization & Inventory Labels

Warehouse inventory organization label on a shelf

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business storing inventory in your office, or an enterprise using a huge warehouse — you need labels to keep things organized. Labels are perfect for sticking on plastic bins, cardboard, metal shelves, and more, and are the perfect blank canvas to create an organization system that makes sense for your business.

Having an organized inventory will increase efficiency and ultimately make your life a whole lot easier. If you have a lot of inventory, a barcode system is especially important to keep things efficient and organized. Having barcode labels on your products saves you date entry time, risk of error, and money in the long run.

Price Tag Labels

Price tag label for bath bomb

Price tags are another type of label that are commonly used in businesses. These display the price of the product and/or the barcode, and can be used in a variety of settings, including retail stores, online marketplaces, and auction sites.

Price tags are an important tool for businesses, as they allow you to communicate pricing information to customers and ultimately help to increase sales. Price tag labels are a good option if you don’t want the pricing information taking up precious space on the product label. They’re typically small and can be placed on the top, bottom, or back of the product.

Packaging Labels

Shipping box red heavy packaging label

Packaging labels are any labels placed on the outside of a shipping package. Some examples of these include warning labels that say "Fragile," "Do not bend," and "Caution heavy." These labels can not only prevent the package from sustaining damage, but also show customers that you put a lot of care into protecting their goods.

Packaging labels can also be used for branding/engagement purposes, or even just to spruce up the outside of the package! Some examples of these include labels with a social media handle, a simple "thank you for your order," or even just your business logo!


Hand holding a sticker for a business

Stickers can be used for a wide range of purposes to support your business — you’re really only limited by your creativity (and budget of course)! They can be used for branding, promotions, swag, and more. Stickers are an effective way to add a personal touch to products and packaging, and can be used to create custom designs and messages that align with your business.

They can be handed out to promote your business (include a QR code to take prospects to your site!), included in packages, and gifted to loyal customers. The possibilities are endless. Make sure you choose the right material for your stickers. Keep in mind that some popular things to place stickers on are prone to moisture exposure or heavy handling, such as metal water bottles and laptops.

Tamper-Proof Labels

Clear tamper-proof round sticker sealing a folder shut

Tamper-proof labels are used to prevent tampering or unauthorized access to a product. They’re not as necessary as product labels, but they’re absolutely worth considering if you want to add an extra layer of protection for both your products and customers, especially if it’s something that will be consumed or applied.

These labels are often used on food and pharmaceutical products, and can include options such as breakaway seals and perforated shrink bands. Tamper-evidence labels provide peace of mind for both the business and the consumer, as they ensure that the product is safe and authentic, and reveal when the product has been tampered with.

Labels are essential for most businesses to thrive. Whether you use them for information, branding, organization, or safety, you’ll want to make sure they’re of top-of-the-line quality. When you order custom labels from us, we ensure your labels are clean and professional, while taking the weight of printing them yourself off your shoulders.

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