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Best Stickers To Use For Your Wedding

Updated 09/17/2021
Wedding name tag stickers

Have you thought about using stickers at your wedding? They’re so versatile, you can use them to decorate party favors, as name tags, or even as a way to propose to your bridal party. The day of your wedding is bound to be one of the most memorable of your life, so all the details should match that level of importance, and you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to achieve that.

Whatever you decide to use stickers for, they’ll make your big day either a little more special, or run a little more smoothly (or both!). We’ve gathered our favorite pre-printed sticker options for your wedding below.

Rehearsal Dinner Name Tag Stickers

Using name tags at your wedding rehearsal dinner is an easy way to get everyone acquainted with each other, and could potentially avoid some awkward interactions because someone forgot someone else’s name they probably shouldn’t have.

The boxes to check their relationship with either the bride or groom also provide a good icebreaker for everyone.

Small Candy Party Favor Stickers

Small candies at a wedding are a good idea because it provides you the perfect vehicle to add a thoughtful touch to your wedding decorations.

These designs are perfectly simple and will match with most wedding decorations.

General Party Favor Stickers

These "Thank You" stickers are the perfect size for most party favors, such as candles, mason jars, baggies, baskets, lollipops, and more.

Letting your friends and family know how thankful you are for celebrating your marriage is as easy as sticking these thoughtful stickers on your party favors or thank you cards!

Mini Champagne Bottle Thank You Label

Thank your guests for celebrating with you by letting the champagne do all the talking with these "Thank You" mini champagne bottle labels. The greenery design would look great at an outdoor wedding.

Wine Bottle Bridesmaid Proposal Labels

What’s a more exciting way of asking your closest friends to be a part of your big day than with a bottle of wine? These labels are the perfect way to propose to your bridal party.

We recommend removing the original wine label and cleaning the bottle thoroughly before applying these labels. Start in the center and work your way out to the sides of the label for the straightest result.

Our pre-printed stickers are the easiest and most inexpensive way to step up your wedding game. Need stickers for something else? Check out our full selection of pre-printed stickers and labels.

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