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4 Easy Ways to Increase Farmer's Market Sales

Published 05/01/2015  •  Updated 10/12/2020
Ways to improve your farmer's market brand, booth, or product for better sales

In recent years, we've seen people flock to their local businesses in the name of community support. Consumers feel more confident and rewarded buying from small mom and pop shops. Unsurprisingly, farmer's markets have enjoyed a recent boom in popularity among crowds of all ages.

As a vendor, selling at the local farmer's market is a great way to build local connections and contribute to the community. Whether you are new to the farmer's market game or a veteran of the trade, chances are you're looking for some marketing tips to help set your shop apart from the rest.

We put together this brief guide to help improve your shop's sales without breaking the bank.

Not a seller yet? Find out how to get started selling at markets.

1. Branded Magnets

Brands that actively promote their name and logo find it easier to gather local support. An easy way to start familiarizing your community with your brand is through magnets.

Leverge your creativity to make a magnet people want to talk about, display, and share. You'll see buzz generate about your brand and people will come to your pop up shop just to get a magnet.

Even if people don't purchase anything, a free fridge/car magnet will be a constant reminder of your company every time they open their fridge or take a drive.

If they did purchase from you, it's a great way to stay top-of-mind and promote re-orders!

2. Contact Information Stickers

We don't need to tell you that a great product label will improve the perceived quality of your brand. What you may not know, though, is that adding another label to your products and packaging with contact information is an excellent way to improve re-orders.

Add your shop's hours, social media icons, and phone number (if you want to share). Place these in easy-to-read places like a lid or by an ingredient list.

3. Table Tents

Remember drawing your name on table tents or at last week's speaker panel? We always try to make sure our distinct personality is reflected in the handwriting, design, or color. Table tents can serve the same purpose for your business.

It's popular for farmer's market vendors to use tent cards as a way to identify different products on their table. Give each one a unique design to create brand consistency, add personality to your business, and help educate consumers.

Use table tents to answer common questions for customers before they even ask. Do you accept major credit cards? Is there an ingredient in your product that requires an allergy warning? Are your products gluten free?

These are all questions that can easily be answered through an informative tent card.

4. Personalized Shopping Bags

Branded Farmer's Market Shopping Bag Printed on OL3033

Go to any mall, store, or market — what do they all have in common? Branded bags! A logo on a bag, especially in a farmer's market, will alert other customers to your shop. Branding a shopping bag can be quite expensive, but is a great strategy to build awareness.

If you're running on a tight budget, labels are a fantastic alternative. Stick a label of your logo on your bags to increase customer perceptions of your company.

Ready to take your farmer's market shop to the next level? Take these tricks and tips to heart and share your success stories! Upload a photo of your real-life farmer's market finesse to our customer creations page.

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