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Adding Images & Clipart to Your Designs

Personalize your labels by uploading your own images and adding clipart from our collection. Follow these steps to get started.

How to Upload Images to Maestro Label Designer

Click "Images" in the vertical toolbar to the left of your label and then "+Upload New Image."
Images Sidebar Tab
Select the photo you would like to upload and click "Open."
Note: Some photos may look blurry within Maestro Label Designer. If your photo is of a high resolution, Maestro Label Designer may optimize it on-screen to help with program performance. This won't have any effect on your print quality.
Your image will be added and can be found below the "+Upload New Image" button.
Images Sidebar Tab with Images

How to Add Images & Clipart to Your Design

Click "Images" in the vertical toolbar to the left of your label.
Images Sidebar Tab
Toggle between the "Uploads" and "Clipart" tabs at the top of the gray panel to change file types.
Note: In the clipart section, you can use the search bar to narrow your search or scroll through the "Folders" dropdown to view the files by category. Purchased clipart files from the old version of Maestro Label Designer are filed under "Purchased Images."
Images Sidebar Tab Clipart
Click on the file you would like to add to your design. It will automatically be placed on your canvas.

If you need additional help adding images and clipart to your design, our support team is available at 1-888-575-2235.