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3.00 / 5.0 from 11 users
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Classic Studio Labels Label Software Review

ABC Cork Co.

From Classic Studio Labels: Beautiful designs, the highest quality, careful custom styling of your label, plus excellent customer service means your order will look great. First, choose from our exclusively crafted styles, shapes, and colors, then create your own wording in place of the examples you see pictured. We are the source for inexpensive custom labels that look professional, rich and elegant instead of cheap. We'll design, print and deliver labels that are professional yet personal and sure to impress.

You can Print your labels yourself or order your labels directly from us, we will print and deliver your labels to your door.

  • Over 200 hundred preconfigured templates
  • Gives your bottles a custom appearance

User Reviews

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By ROBERT FINNEY on 2/21/2019
I have the old software and it does the same thing you have to register every time you want to use it . Now it doesn't work with windows 10 cant do any thing with it. Was going to buy the new software but cant seem to get any help. Does any one use a good software for wine labels.
By bob on 11/14/2018
Decent software however, every time I open it, it needs to submit a registration to That domain does not exist and the mail gets rejected. Very annoying. I've got a call into since they apparently the developers.
By Russ S on 1/18/2016
Purchased this software on Saturday 1/16/16. Credit card was charged then, but I still have not received the key to register the software and it is now Monday. No contact from anyone. No service at all! I'll even bet this review doesn't go through. Very unhappy.
By Technology Details on 7/6/2010
The above statement is seen to be contradictory. The situation is very critical and need an experience complainer to resolve it.*************Christina
By Robert S. on 6/24/2008
Limited in layout but end result is professional. Can really have some fun with this software - great for "personalizing" gifts.
By Randall on 6/18/2008
Simple and nice...........Easily make wine labels yourself at home
By cathy on 6/5/2008
Wine Label is excellent!
By Jean M. on 5/30/2008
One of my friends has used this and loves it!
By William G. on 5/29/2008
Easy to use with great results
By Richard on 5/27/2008
I am so pleased with the quality of wine labels produced from the Wine Label Software. It has helped my Faux Foods Business tremendously

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