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Software ReviewsPrintMaster v8 Platinum
1.95 / 5.0 from 40 users
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PrintMaster v8 Platinum Label Software Review


Information Provided From Broderbund®: Whether you're capturing a memory or adding a splash of creativity to your life, PrintMaster is the fun & easy way to create personalized projects & crafts. With tons of ready-made templates and clip art and easy-to-use design tools, a built-in photo editor and more, it's easy to design projects that are sure to impress friends and family.

  • Over 5,500 new royalty-free clip art images
  • Grid and Snap to Grid functionality
  • Extraordinary Text Tools and Effects

User Reviews

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By Shannon Duetsch on 11/1/2017
Terrible. I called and ordered it online. I finally just received it, and didn't get the packaging I was expecting. Instead it was just stuffed into a hard envelope and mailed to me. In Canadian in cost me 64.66 and I am unable to even download it as it is all scratched and looks very well used already! It was sent to me by Encore and they don't even enclose a phone number for me to call them back so I am going to notify my Credit card company and tell them to get my money back. Shannon Duetsch
By Mary on 3/30/2017
LOVE love LOVE my Printmaster - use it daily on my laptop but now I WISH I could use it on a iPad Pro or iPad 2 For sure I give it a 5 star thumbs up review
By Anonymous on 1/29/2015
i have hp windows 8 and it won't let me install my print master platinum 18 why?
By Anonymous on 12/15/2014
I have PM Vers 18 and it is wonderful. I do a lot of calenders, greeting cards, both quarters and half cards. Using the headlines. it is easy. You have to work with it however but stick with it. The only thing that I can see if more graphics/pictures etc. Thanks. Have a good day.
By Dan on 4/16/2014
I hate this software and can not figure it out ..........wish I would have never bought it
By Anonymous on 3/29/2014
I used it and I have used Printmaster Platinum 16 also, but when I changed my operating system to Windows 8, all of them are gone and I cannot access all those projects I have made. I went into their website to get any updated drivers, and there were nothing. Don't buy any Printmaster products as you will be stacked and lost them when you upgrade your system. Broderbund doesn't support all their products. I was forced to try Printmaster Platinum V6 but it was a very primitive and not friendly user program. It also lack the many features of the other Platinum series, with very few features, clip-arts, and fonts are very limited. It's only good for 6th graders. Don't buy any of the Printmaster program if you don't want to get the biggest disappointments of your life. The company won't even bother to assist you.
By Anonymous on 9/16/2012
Rating should be 0 stars. Wish I had read these reviews before upgrading to Printmaster 2012. When using Windows XP it worked fairly well... but with new computer and updated Windows, the Avery Templates do not work at all... You cannot do a "save as" and replace something... it's difficult to print. In short, it's a piece of garbage. Worst thing is the old files I had would not convert and do not open in Printmaster 2012 so I've lost all those brochures, flyers, etc. I had made. When I contacted customer service got nowhere. SAVE YOUR MONEY, don't buy this product!
By Anonymous on 6/28/2012
Shame on you Broderbund. Taking people's money for this piece of ****. Printmaster Platinum is absolutely the worst software package yet. Don's buy it. Would give no stars if that were an option!!! Never felt so ripped off!!!
By Anthony on 2/25/2012
Well...up until now, I've been using PrintMaster 12 on my Windows 7 (you read correctly). It installed perfectly, and I have used it masterfully. The only thing that bugs me is that their brochure templates don't go all the way to the edge of the paper, and I don't even know if it's possible to adjust the margins in v18.1 Anyone?
By Nancy on 1/29/2012
I just purchased Printmaster 2012 and have a questions for anyone that might be able to help me. I make a lot of calendars and upgraded from Printmaster 18. I was able to edit the date info on 18 but cannot on 2012. Does anyone know how to edit a date or if it possible?

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