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The Print Shop Label Software Review


Information Provided From Broderbund®: The Print Shop is your one-stop digital design solution, offering the widest range of design & layout tools available for the everyday user, including page layout, photo editing, graphic design and more. Now you can create your own high-quality materials without hiring a professional designer and without extensive training. This is a great tool for design enthusiasts and home office professionals alike!

The Print Shop is packed with tons of easy text editing and page layout tools, over 4,800 templates, great photo editing tools and everything else you need to create impressive projects for home, work and school.

  • Custom Border Maker
  • Import Photos from Facebook
  • One-Click Tool Access
  • Create and Save Custom Text Styles
  • Dynamic Image Control

User Reviews

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By Bill M on 4/26/2018
Unless you need an expensive program to make cheap cards, look elsewhere. Using it for label is frustrating. You need to manually enter parameters for label sheets. Printing single labels must be difficult as I haven't been able to figure it out yet. No support, no help files, user forums are not easily searchable.
By Anne on 1/14/2018
I echo most all comments presented here. This Printshop 4 version is the biggest disappointment...I, too, have used Printshop for many years...This is not the Printshop I know and love. After upgrading to a new Mac, I had no idea how lousy this version would be. I think we should be refunded the money paid for it.
By Gertrude Silverstein on 2/26/2017
I used Printshop for MAC for nearly ten years. Got a new Mac and cannot use the new version at all. It is so difficult - can't even start a project despite all my previous experience. A total waste of money and my time trying to figure it out. Old files will not move to new version. So many personally valuable documents just gone. The new version is a mean joke. There is not even any option for help that actually helps. Gertrude
By Avis Beining on 1/24/2017
I had to get deluxe after many years of using an older version because I needed to save as pdf now. Can do that now but can't crop pictures and spell check is not good. NOT USER FRIENDLY.
By Madonna Pastelak on 12/31/2016
This is terrible...I am sorry I spent my money on a loser. I discarded my old Print Shop stupidly thinking that this new software was the one. I am sorry I did that because you have to have 6 degrees to figure out this new is a complete and total waste.
By Bernard Coffey on 12/26/2016
I just got Printshop 4 ,I used Printshop 23 for a long time but find 4 to be so complicated that I have given up on it,a complete waste of money. You live and learn. I am looking for a simple program.
By Judy Fink on 8/6/2016
I have used Print Shop for over 12 years and never had a problem. I just got a new computer and purchased the Print Shop for Windows 7 and I absolutely hate it. It is very hard to use especially making CD Labels. I will never buy another. I will find another program that is easier to use then this Print Shop can go Pfffffffff.
By Helen on 5/13/2016
I agree with all of the negative comments above. I loved the old Print Shop and used it for years. I bought a separate computer that runs XP so that I could continue to use it. I don't know what I will do when that computer dies (as they all do eventually) Meanwhile, I have Print Shop 3.0 Deluxe on my Window 7 computer and I don't have the words to express how much I hate it. They don't even bother to answer questions, referring you instead to their forum -- let the poor users do their job!!
By mm on 12/8/2015
The worst program ever....a HUGE waste of money and time. Completely agree with all the negative comments above. NO STARS!
By yk on 8/26/2015

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