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Software ReviewsMaestro Label Designer®
4.51 / 5.0 from 284 users
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Maestro Label Designer® Label Software Review

Online Labels, Inc.

Maestro Label Designer is the premier way to create, design, and print your labels. Maestro Label Designer allows users to easily design and print onto all of the label sizes and configurations offered at Within the software, customers have access to a library of clipart images, fonts, and more advanced features such as a mail merge tool and a nutrition fact label generator. The application is completely web-based, meaning there are no downloads necessary for it to run. A Maestro Label Designer activation code is included with every purchase.

  • Works with all label sizes
  • Access to our library of pre-designed label templates to help you get started
  • Easily create professional-looking labels in minutes with included design tools

User Reviews

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By Ruth Zepeda on 5/16/2019
I liked the way the labels looked when I ordered a trial sheet so I ordered several sheets of different designs. Unforchunately, the mail person placed the package on my porch while I was out of town and my dog tore the package open and scattered the contents all over the yard. I did not have the money to replace them (100.) so have not ordered more. I would say that most likely I would have liked the way they turned out as I did to the trial ones. I like the ease of the designing program very much, especially for someone who does not navigate the computer very well! Thank you again. Sincerely, Ruth Zepeda
By Eva on 5/6/2019
I absolutely love the Maestro Designer! It does SO much!
By Barbara Vozar on 5/1/2019
This is my go to, label printing program. Easy to use and easy to print. They were wonderful and extended my activation code recently when I did not need to order and needed labels. Thank you very much.
By Marcia on 2/23/2019
I LOVE your label designing software! It is great to use, even for me, not a particularly tech-savvy person!
By Susan Krause on 10/15/2018
Fun and easy to design. I love that they do the printing for you!!
By marc dalton on 8/22/2018
ive used a few programs over the years and this one is great. the labels arrive within 48 hours of purchase both times ive ordered via amazon. and this is a very easy program to use. thanks again for the affordable labels and great designing program!
By Mark Gilbert on 11/20/2017
Absolutely fantastic! Been using these labels for years- recently had to stop using Avery Designpro as they did not support 64 bit conversion. But Maestro is FANTASTIC! So easy to use and versatile! It's really working wonderfully for us!! We've got a big new job from Barcelona and Online labels has really helped us with this project!!!
By Amanda on 9/22/2017
Have had lots of success with my labels so far, but just all of a sudden none of my installed fonts are showing up. I have the latest flash and Adobe reader installed but it's still not registering with this software. Where are my fonts!!???
By Mary Coleman on 4/9/2017
I really like using this software but the fact that I can't use it on a tablet is very annoying, therefore only 3 stars. I was told almost a year ago that an updated version was coming out for use on tablets, but so far, it's still the version that is bound by Adobe Flash. Who uses Flash anymore? Please, Maestro, I need a tablet version!Other than my above gripe, I do like this software, and it is fairly user-friendly. Recently, an updated desktop version was rolled out. The screens in the designer feel more clumsy to me (except the text insertion function) and I am not a fan. I reverted back to the old version's screens. Being able to add fonts and my own images in the label designs is pretty awesome, and there are hundreds of label templates to choose from. All in all, for the price of the license, this is a decent program. They just need to update their device compatability and I will be thrilled.
By Janis on 2/17/2017
Tried Avery, Word, Publisher. Maestro wins hands down.

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