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Software ReviewsLabel Factory Deluxe®
2.06 / 5.0 from 31 users
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Label Factory Deluxe® Label Software Review

Nova Development®

From Nova Development®: Forget about the old-fashioned way of making labels. Art Explosion® Label Factory® Deluxe is far easier to use than other label making solutions. Why? Because Label Factory Deluxe uses wizards to assist you in making even the most complex labels in just minutes. Simply stated, Label Factory Deluxe is the fastest, easiest way to create professional-quality labels.

But behind its simplicity lies a powerful application with the most sophisticated set of features available today in any label-making program. Features like more than 1,500 label formats and templates, 50,000+ spectacular clip art images, bar code formats, an integrated database manager and address book, and much more. You can even import data. The built-in address book lets you create personalized labels in minutes.

  • 1,500+ Label Formats and Templates
  • 50,000+ Clip Art Images
  • 600+ Fonts
  • FREE CD/DVD Labeling Kit with Applicator (for Boxed Version Only)

User Reviews

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additional down loads don't load and can not be cleared, looking at others and what they say about your system you have some work to do before market. returning to stapples.
By Dillo on 2/8/2018
Label Factory 4 is a piece of junk. wished I didn't it
By by jim 1/26/18 on 1/26/2018
this program would not load on my windows 10 desktop even though the box said it would.
By Jim Holmes on 1/23/2018
Label Factory Deluxe 4 is one of the worst pieces of dung of any label maker software that I have seen. It is slow, cumbersome, does not work half of the time, it not intuitive, leaves you hanging, and doesn't print actual font size. I just purchased this crap for $39.99 at Staples and it was money thrown away. Label Factory Deluxe is not worth a penny, much less the amount I was mugged for. Buyer Beware. Using W10 operating system.
By Aysha on 9/25/2017
I've used the older version of this software and enjoyed working with it. ButI had to get Delux 4 since the older version is not compatible with windows 10. I hate this version. I cannot design labels text in an ellipse like I did in the past. This software won't even open a pre designed label from my old version in onedrive from one computer to another. I regret buying it. I will hold on to by old laptop with windows 8 to use the old software for my labels.
By Linda R Kuhn on 11/4/2016
TERRIBLE software, can't figure out ANYTHING, can't get thru to tech support. I want my money back or the level 3 Label Factory that works on version MS 10!!!
By Bill Reque on 8/27/2016
Actually not even one star. Where are the instructions? Wouldn't print a thing.
By Ron Roberts on 3/26/2016
Zero. If every there was a useless piece of software, this is it. Can't get it to do anything, its not intuitive, the help screens are a joke, and as far as I can see there is no way to print out a Users Manual. I really wasted my money on this piece of crap.
By Bob Boyett on 1/23/2016
rate at less than 1. Cannot get it to print address labels. Have messed with it for 4 hours.I am returning it to the factory. will buy another brand that is user friendly.
By Dennis Cooper on 1/10/2016
This program is a piece of Crap. As far as being "easy to use", Publish some instructions. I will not buy another Product from this Company until I know that they are not "Scamming the Buyers. With this Product, I believe they are.

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