OL475 - Halloween Soda Bottle Labels 2 Liter

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Category: Halloween Labels
Tags: OL475 , Halloween , Soda Bottle Labels , Soda Labels , 2 liter labels , Halloween Soda Bottle Labels
Designer: This template was designed by OnlineLabels.comBlushPrintables.com (View more by this designer)
Created on:9/25/2013
Description:This cute Halloween themed soda bottle label printable PDF template is perfect for labeling 2 liter soda bottles at your next spooky party or event. All you need is our blank label sheets to print this free design and your ready to party. Printable designed by BlushPrintables.com
Notes: Viewable using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Template can be used in graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, and several others. If you plan to print out the template you need to uncheck "fit to page" in the print options or the image will be smaller than actual size.OL475 has a layout or shape that is not fully supported by PDF. Due to this reason, this product may be difficult to format if you do not have past experience or expertise formatting labels in PDF.

Dimensions and More Information

4 Labels Per Sheet
Width:4" Height:5"
Top Margin:0.5" Bottom Margin:0.5"
Left Margin:0.1563" Right Margin:0.1563"
Horizontal Spacing:0.1875" Vertical Spacing:0"
Common Uses:Tall Wine Bottle Label