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Label Factory Deluxe®

From Nova Development®: Forget about the old-fashioned way of making labels. Label Factory® Deluxe is far easier to use than other label making solutions. Why? Because Label Factory Deluxe uses wizards to assist you in making even the most complex labels in just minutes. Simply stated, Label Factory Deluxe is the fastest, easiest way to create professional-quality labels.

But behind its simplicity lies a powerful application with the most sophisticated set of features available today in any label-making program. Features like more than 2,100 label formats and templates, 30,000+ spectacular clip art images, support for bar code formats, an integrated database manager and address book, and much more. You can even import data from your existing Outlook® and ACT!® address books as well as from Excel and Access. This is not an endorsement of Label Factory Deluxe® and Nova Development®. We do not sell or service this software.

  • Design your own complex designs for labels in just minutes - simple wizards and a drag-and-drop interface make it easy
  • Create the right look for your name, address or title by choosing from over 500 fonts
  • Add images from a library of over 30,000 clip-art images and 1000 color photos
  • Use the easy-to-use Mail Merge feature to send out mass mailing with your new label
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User Reviews:

I have Label Factory 4. I have tried it several times and cannot get it to do "diddly" All I want to do is make simple lists such as address, labels for spices, etc. These require different names on all the labels--NOT all the same name on each label. Even so, it seems difficult for something that should be simple. Also, the "help" wasn't much help for me at all. It was a waste of money for me as far as I can see.
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horrible!! took 4 hours to discover the disk has a chip in it and it wont do anything but spin in my laptop! Staples wont return even though the product is defective they only want to change it out for the exact same thing which by now i already bought an online program for half the price and easier software, now to return through the company is a huge nightmare in itself!! NEVER NEVER EVER again will i buy from this company!!!!!!!
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Return address label ready to go but I cannot get it to print in the right size label even though it is selected. Help!!!
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Great and very intuitive software. I have been using it for 6 years after buying it at "Goodwill Industries Thrift Store" but I lost my copy and lightninh struck my computer frying my drive and hard disk so I just ordered anused copy from Amazon for $3.25 . To save the ready to print on a page image just select print preview then print screen and go to Paint where you can paste the image, use paint to remove the unwanted junk around the perimeter then print setup to increase image to full page and save it and it is save able as a Jpeg picture file and importable into word or whatever..
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Freezes up alot.. does not do circles or ovals.
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i have enjoyed this program, except for the in-ability to export to excel the data base created. I've been trying to figure out how to do this without ruining my original file for two weeks. I still have much to learn from this program, so I haven't given up yet.
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Easy installation...Can not print. Tech support said they were at a loss and couldn't help. HP Tech support took over the computer and could print but when they hung up, print problem was back. HP said it wasn't my equipment...At a loss....
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I hate this software. I just want to print file folders labels and it is way to difficult.
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Best shipping experience ever.
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I have been using Label Factory Deluxe for the past four years. It provides a professional appearance to my bread product labels, is customizeable, and is cost effective. Eventhough I have started having a printing company print my product labels, I use the Label Factory labels software to create small run labels for new products. Way to go!
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