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Bath & Body Product Labels

Design product labels for the handmade goods in these popular beauty and cosmetic/bath and body industries.

Food & Beverage Product Labels

Create product labels for your delicious items in the following categories.

Other Product Labels

Select your unique product from the list below to find the best product labels for the job.

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Make Your Own Product Labels

Your packaging is a silent salesperson for your brand. With more and more consumers making swift purchase decisions based on packaging alone, are you putting your best foot forward? Help your make a good first impression with high-quality, custom product labels.

Use the specialty selections above to create one-of-a-kind labels for your product or products. Design something that will stand out on a crowded shelf, sell itself on an online marketplace, or grab attention at a farmers market.

Browse our huge selection of shapes and sizes to get started, or find the perfect label for your product from the list above. Then, choose a material from our robust collection. With everything from metallics to fluorescents, your competition doesn't stand a chance. Start creating award-winning product labels for your business today.

Printing Product Labels at Home vs. Printed Product Labels

At, we work hard to offer everything you need to create the perfect product label. That includes offering blank printable sheets and high-quality printed ones! Below, we highlight the pros of each so you can find the best option for creating your small business' product labels.

DIY Product Labels

  • Print your labels on-demand, so you never have too many or not enough
  • Change your artwork without wasting outdated labels
  • Save money with a lower cost per label

Professional Product Labels

  • Have your product label design reviewed by our team of experts to ensure it's optimized for printing
  • Receive product labels run on our professional-grade printers
  • Save time while we handle the alignment and printing
  • Prevent wasted sheets

With either method, your product labels are bound to come out amazing. Once you've decided and are ready to get started, select your ideal shape and size label. On the product page, simply toggle between the "Blank Labels" and "Printed Labels" tabs. You can then arrange the final details to help your product label design truly shine.