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Excellent Customer Service

I received my order which was super fast, but when I opened my package I said let me count because I noticed was too little, well ordered only 25 but still. Then I counted the paper and was only 18 pages and I said let me count it again to make sure I am not wrong, and I did it. Well next morning call customer service and the person who was very friendly and professional sorry I can’t remember her name, she took care of my situation, because honestly never like to call for nothing but I feel this is not right because I paid for this and I want my order complete. And I told her maybe count too fast or so but I have not reason to lie is missing 8 pages maybe if it was 1 or 2 but 8 is too many. But she was very professional and understood my situation and send me the missing labels and I have to be honest same way before this time they sent me 10 pages now 2 more over the I was requesting. I want to say thank you very much!! Excellent service, friendly customer service and for sure I will recommend to everyone this company, this is my first order and for sure I will continue for long time.

Emma Torres