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The OL1567IF - Integrated Form Labels with perforations completely changed my life for eBay shipping

I have a steadily growing eBay business. Until now, I've been printing out the label and receipt on the usual half page each format that eBay provides, on regular printing paper. I cut out the label, use tape to put it on the package, and keep the receipt. On busy days, this ritual has taken up to 2 hours of every day, and was starting to really annoy me. On a whim, I started looking for options (I specifically wanted a half label/half regular paper set up so I could keep using the format I am using, which helps me during packing because I can see what product goes in every order). Ran across these guys with their OL1567IF labels and the rest is history. Instead of cutting and taping labels, I use my new HP 9025 Officejet (fantastic printer, btw!), and with a couple clicks, print regular packing slips from one paper tray, and labels from the other. Saves me at least 2/3 of the time I used to spend on this tedious chore. Thanks so much guys! Also, PS, really fast shipping too!

 Paul Fleiner

 September 30, 2019