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Inkjet labels (full page)

I've been using the clear matte label paper and also the weatherproof label paper for the inkjet printing of envelope seals for my greeting and note cards. The weatherproof paper is particularly good. The color is printed accurately- just like the card stock I print my cards on. The clear matte paper is good too and it's thicker than the Avery brand "clear label" product. The only "problem" associated with any online label paper is that it is often difficult to tell the printing side from the backing side. I mark the backside so that I don't make a goof! I also tried the GLOSSY finish ink jet paper. I found that this paper faded. And it faded in a very short time even stored in a dark box. I had bought the glossy for envelope seals applied to metallic paper. I had to print my stickers over on the matte paper. I have a color laser printer too. Laser printers do not print color accurately- unless you are printing with a high-end digital printer. A "cheap" office printer is not good for printing color labels. I'm forced to over-compensate for the dull color in Photoshop. I have to saturate the color to much that the monitor image doesn't look at all like the actual print out. I make labels for the heirloom eggs I sell. It's applied to the egg carton. Maybe this will help someone that is having trouble printing labels. It's not the fault of the label paper in most cases- it's your printer!


 January 04, 2018