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Design Interface

Learn where to find all the tools you need to make using Maestro Label Designer quick and easy!

Home Screen

Maestro Label Designer Home Screen
A Blank Labels - what you click to open a blank template
B Pre-Designed Templates - where you can go to search through pre-designed options
C Saved Designs - how you find designs you've saved
D Profile Icon - where you access your account and activation information or sign out
E Support Tools - where you can find various forms of help
F At-A-Glance - where you can easily access your most recent designs or search through popular pre-designed categories

Design Screen

Maestro Label Designer Design Screen
A Label - where you create your design
B Design Toolbar - how you add and edit text, shapes, and images and manage multiple designs per sheet
C Menu Toolbar - where you access essential functions like save and print
D Object Toolbar - how you manage selected objects
E Position Controls - where you change the size and location of objects
F File Information - where details about your file are displayed and you can save your design
G Support Button - where you can find various forms of help
H Zoom Tools - how you control your view in the design window
I Home Icon - how you get back to the home screen

Saved Designs Screen

Maestro Label Designer Saved Design Screen
A Saved Designs - where you can view your saved designs
B Saved Design Folders - where folders created in your account are located
C Manage Multiple Toggle - how you can move or delete various designs at once
D Edit Menu - how you can move, rename, or delete a saved design
E Sorting Dropdown - what you click to reorganize your saved designs
F View Icons - where you can switch between thumbnail and list view

For personalized help using Maestro Label Designer, please call our customer service team at 1-888-575-2235.