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Product OL199WX - Standard White Matte - 2.3605" x 2.5027" Labels

Standard White Matte - 2.3605" x 2.5027" Labels
  • Quick Specs for OL199

  • Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Label Size: 2.3605" x 2.5027"
  • Labels per sheet: 12
  • Type: Self-Adhesive
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  • Standard White Matte OL199WX (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Removable White Matte OL199WR (Laser and Inkjet)
  • White Gloss Laser OL199WS (Laser Only)
  • White Gloss Inkjet OL199WG (Inkjet Only)
  • Weatherproof Polyester Laser OL199LP (Laser Only)
  • Weatherproof Matte Inkjet OL199WJ (Inkjet Only)
  • Weatherproof Gloss Inkjet OL199WI (Inkjet Only)
  • 100% Recycled White OL199RX (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Aggressive White Matte OL199AT (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Clear Gloss Laser OL199CL (Laser Only)
  • Clear Gloss Inkjet OL199CK (Inkjet Only)
  • Clear Matte Inkjet OL199CJ (Inkjet Only)
  • Clear Matte Laser OL199CX (Laser Only)
  • Gold Foil Laser OL199GF (Laser Only)
  • Silver Foil Laser OL199SF (Laser Only)
  • Gold Foil Inkjet OL199GI (Inkjet Only)
  • Silver Foil Inkjet OL199SI (Inkjet Only)
  • Void Silver Polyester OL199VS (Laser Only)
  • Weatherproof Silver Polyester Laser OL199SP (Laser Only)
  • Blockout for Laser OL199BT (Laser Only)
  • Brown Kraft OL199BK (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Pastel Green OL199GX (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Pastel Blue OL199BX (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Pastel Yellow OL199YX (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Pastel Pink OL199PX (Laser and Inkjet)
  • True Gray OL199TE (Laser and Inkjet)
  • True Blue OL199TB (Laser and Inkjet)
  • True Green OL199TG (Laser and Inkjet)
  • True Red OL199TR (Laser and Inkjet)
  • True Yellow OL199TY (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Light Tan OL199TC (Laser and Inkjet)
  • True Purple OL199TP (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Fluorescent Yellow OL199FY (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Fluorescent Green OL199FG (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Fluorescent Red OL199FR (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Fluorescent Pink OL199FP (Laser and Inkjet)
  • Fluorescent Orange OL199FO (Laser and Inkjet)
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  • Typically takes 1 - 3 business days to produce
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  • Normal return policy does not apply. Please see our Special Order Return Policy.

Product Specifications for OL199WX

Sheet Size:
8.5" x 11"
Labels Per Sheet:
Top Margin:
Bottom Margin:
Left Margin:
Right Margin:
Horizontal Spacing:
Vertical Spacing:
Horizontal Pitch:
Vertical Pitch:
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