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Richard Washington

Raleigh, USA (EST)
Photography, Product/Packaging, Label Design
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I have found it is much more difficult to become an entrepreneur than I first anticipated. Over the past 10 years I have had to learn a lot of lessons, many I might add were expensive. For that reason I sometimes refer to myself as an “Entre-poor-neur”. My daughter, Reta and I have started 3 food companies and we are still hanging in there. We have had to learn a great deal and we are willing to share with others and perhaps save them some time, effort and money to get started. Our focus has been on food and our company, Julia's Southern Foods, LLC, produces a number of products that we wholesale and offer on various e-commerce stores. Our specialties include:

1. Advice and consulting on how to start and grow your e commerce business.
2. Label Design using the tools offered by On-Line labels
3. Product Packaging.
4. Food Photography and alternative sources of photos.

I share this as an introduction and to let you know we are available to assist you in your efforts.

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