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Vanessa Brady Contributor since 2001
Vanessa is the mother of two boys and a lifelong fan of crafting. Join Vanessa and her craft adventures over at Tried & True where she shares original tutorials, healthy recipes, and free coloring pages for all to enjoy.

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Vanessa Brady Published 09/18/2019 • Updated 09/23/2019 It's been a while since I was a student but, between homework and tests, I distinctly remember just how difficult it was to keep it all straight. Even with the conveniences of modern age, I was still a big fan of using a paper planner to help make sure I didn't forget any important dates.

Search Results - Label Learning Center - Brady&page=2&authorId=17 offers customers plenty of free advice and tutorials for creating and applying blank labels to their products. Our Label Learning Center offers easy-to-follow articles, how-tos, and videos to get your project off the ground fast.

Thoughtful EncourageMINT Gift Tutorial -

Vanessa Brady Published January 13, 2020 • Updated 01/29/2020 Do you know someone with a big test or challenge ahead of them? We've all been in their shoes and thus know exactly how it feels to be stressed out. How about giving them a little something to so they know they're in your thoughts? This good luck mint gift is the perfect way to ...

DIY Vintage Cassette Tape Cards -

Vanessa Brady Published 06/01/2020 • Updated 06/01/2020 Whether you remember using cassette tapes or not, everyone can appreciate the fun vibe of these vintage cassette tape cards. They're small enough to fit in any present, but don't worry, there's plenty of space to write birthday or heartfelt sentiments.

100 Days of School Countdown Chart + Kids Craft ...

Vanessa Brady Published 09/19/2019 • Updated 09/23/2019 Here's a fun 100 Days of School Countdown that you can use with your own children or in your classroom if you're a teacher! I had no idea what a big deal the 100th day of school was until I enrolled my son in kindergarten last year. ...

Conquer Cake Decorating With This Easy Birthday Cake Flag...

Vanessa Brady Published January 13, 2020 • Updated 05/28/2020 Whether it's your first birthday or your 70th, the celebrations are always more fun when cake is involved. Of course, not everyone has time to bake and decorate the perfect cake so I've come up with a super easy way to customize basic cakes from your local grocery store.

Wedding Favors: Mini Wine Bottles With Personalized Labels...

Vanessa Brady Published 01/13/2020 • Updated 06/16/2020 I absolutely love the mini wine and champagne bottles you see trending for weddings lately. Not only are they functional, they're also super easy to personalize and look great with any table setting! As the weather gets a little warmer, wedding season will be upon us and I hope these "Be ...

Superhero Identification Badges for Kids -

Vanessa Brady Published 10/25/2019 • Updated 10/29/2019 We're a superhero kind of family. My kids love to read about them, watch them, and, of course, pretend to be them! We've got an enormous bin full of superhero dress-up clothes in their room so it's never a surprise when Batman or Captain America shows up for dinner.