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Nathalia Bailey Contributor since 2017
Nathalia is a professional writer and web developer passionate about creating clear and helpful content online. When she's not working, attending Orlando Meetups, or obsessing over podcasts, Nathalia can be found training as a national level Olympic-weightlifter, salsa dancing, or speeding off to yet another road trip adventure.

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Nathalia Bailey Published December 12, 2017 • Updated 01/22/2020 Labeling your homemade goods is an important step toward professional-looking products. They help communicate product features and benefits, and help solidify sales.

How To Build Business Credit Using Net 30 - OnlineLabels

Nathalia Bailey Published 05/08/2020 • Updated 11/20/2020 Net 30 accounts can help you build business credit when used properly. In this article, we'll define Net 30 and explain why you may want to take advantage of it for your business. This guide will serve you whether you're an established business or just starting out. ...

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Nathalia Bailey Published 09/02/2020 • Updated 09/24/2020 The beginning of any new business is an exhilarating time but it can also be the most financially precarious step in your journey. Many new businesses take time to turn a profit – the difference between success or failure can depend on your ability to get through this initial period.

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Nathalia Bailey Published 08/30/2019 • Updated 09/25/2019 Rachel Huck and Wayne Smith started Polish Your Parts, an all natural skincare line, in 2017. They spent a year developing products, launched their Etsy store in November 2018, and within a year, expanded into six stores in Kansas and Missouri. ...

How to Master Selling Wholesale - OnlineLabels

Nathalia Bailey Published 03/23/2020 • Updated 10/08/2020 So you want to sell wholesale? Whether you're an established business selling directly to consumers or a newer business with a fresh batch of product, wholesale can take your sales to new heights. Along with expert advice from Mark Kwong of ...

Should Your Business Offer Product Samples?

Nathalia Bailey Published 02/12/2020 • Updated 11/13/2020 Sampling is a well known marketing tool for food and beverage products, yet virtually any industry can take advantage of it.

Paper Labels vs. Film Labels

Nathalia Bailey Published 03/07/2019 • Updated 10/22/2020 is proud to offer a variety of label materials suited for a wide range of applications. When determining which one is right for you, it can be helpful to understand the label manufacturing process.

Which Online Website Builder Is Best For You

Nathalia Bailey Published 06/21/2019 • Updated 10/08/2020 Everyone needs a website, whether you're a product creator, retail seller, or entrepreneur. But does that mean you need to be a web developer, too? Thankfully, no! There are tools out there designed for non-developers that can help you build your own site, sans coding. ...