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Elyssa Wiener Contributor since 2017
Elyssa is a copywriter and brand strategist with a coffee addiction and slight cat obsession.

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Elyssa Wiener Published 02/21/2019 • Updated 02/13/2020 Etsy is a great place to launch your online small business and start to build a client base. However, it might not be a long-term solution depending on your business goals.

How To Become A Certified Black- Or Minority-Owned Business

Elyssa Wiener Published 11/23/2020 • Updated 11/23/2020 Many minority-owned businesses face an unfair struggle, which is why federal government programs and private sector organizations have stepped in to provide support and resources to create a more level playing field.

How To Become A Certified Veteran-Owned Business

Elyssa Wiener Published 11/20/2020 • Updated 11/23/2020 Certain business certifications are seen as reputable and distinguished in the eyes of consumers. In addition to consumer perception, they may also offer business perks. If you're a Veteran and you own your own business (or are the majority owner of one), you may qualify for ...

How To Become A Certified Woman-Owned Business

Elyssa Wiener Published 10/26/2020 • Updated 11/23/2020 Certain certifications can help your business "cut through the clutter" and stand out from the competition. The related programs can offer perks for specific types of businesses, and you may be unaware that your business qualifies.

How Entrepreneurs Value Their Time - OnlineLabels

Elyssa Wiener Published 07/15/2020 • Updated 10/08/2020 When it comes to running a small business, your time is one of your most valuable assets – and yet many entrepreneurs leave themselves out of the equation, hurting their business more than they may realize.

How To Create A Subscription Box Business & Guarantee ...

Elyssa Wiener Published 01/07/2020 • Updated 10/08/2020 Subscription boxes have changed the way consumers shop and interact with the brands they like. Goods are delivered to customers at scheduled intervals, thus generating recurring income and guaranteeing return customers.

Choosing Between Dropshipping, White Labeling, & Handmade

Elyssa Wiener Published 05/12/2020 • Updated 10/09/2020 Most people who sell a product online are either dropshipping, white labeling, or hand-making. All have strategic perks, and of course, each has its own drawbacks as well. Depending on your goals, one strategy may appeal to you over the others. ...

How a Brand Collaboration Can Boost Your Business

Elyssa Wiener Published 12/03/2020 • Updated 12/04/2020 Collaboration is a powerful and strategic tool for any type of business. Sometimes called a "strategic alliance," this tactic can help you grow your business to new levels by forming impactful connections, getting in front of new customers, and creating a new product or service you may ...