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How to Make Lip Balm Labels

Online Labels Dec 21 Updated Feb 21

We want to help you create professional-quality lip balm labels. So whether you're creating lip balm for your business or for friends down the street, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Pick a material

Consider any of our weatherproof labels for your lip balm containers. They have a more durable facesheet so your products won't scratch or tear in purses or pockets, and the adhesive is a bit stronger to maintain its shape.

Our most popular weatherproof lip balm label materials are weatherproof polyester laser and clear gloss laser. We see a lot of white gloss laser, brown kraft, and clear gloss inkjet though, too.

Test the template direction

Most of the lip balm labels you see in stores have their labels oriented horizontally. Do you want to follow the norm or be your own trendsetter? Make sure you decide before you start designing so your template is facing the right way when you go to print! Learn how to rotate your template in Maestro Label Designer.

Check for overlap

Test a blank label on your tubes before getting started on the design. Our safety-seal lip balm labels (OL1102, OL663, and OL2162) have a little overlap on the ends to help with adhesion. If you don't know this before designing, some of your hard work may get covered up.

Start in the middle

When it comes to applying your label, it can be tempting to start from the sides – but sticking the middle of the label first, and working your way out, will give you the best results.

Line up the seams

Pay attention to the tamper-evident seals (perforated tabs) when applying your labels. The closer the perforation is to the edge of the cap, the easier time your customers will have opening your product.

Following these important steps will help make sure your labels look clean and professional. Shop lip balm labels or find more helpful tips in our Label Learning Center.

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