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How To Add & Edit Text In Your Label Design

Add and edit text on your label design within Maestro Label Designer

Add text to your label to convey your brand or product's message. Change, design, move, align, and arrange it at any time using the steps below.

How to Add Text to Your Design

  1. Launch Maestro Label Designer and sign in.

  2. Open a new or existing label template.

  3. Click "Text" in the vertical toolbar to the left of your label.

  4. Click "+ Add Textbox to Design" to add a new textbox to your canvas.

    The text tab
  5. Begin typing your desired content (the placeholder "Add your text here..." copy should be highlighted and ready to overwrite).

    A new textbox with placeholder text selected
  6. Follow the steps below for instructions on editing and moving your text or learn how to arrange objects on your label.

How to Edit Text in Your Design

  1. Launch Maestro Label Designer and sign in.

  2. With your design open, click on the textbox you would like to edit.

  3. To modify the content, double click and begin typing. To adjust the formatting, use the options in the left "Object Properties" panel.

    The text tab with added text

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