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How A Team Of Women Uses Products To Build Up Their Community

Updated 05/17/2022

We visited Jane's Short & Sweet to see what they're whipping up and see how our labels help grow their business. Check out what owner Jane Hursh has to say.

OnlineLabels: Tell us about Jane's Short & Sweet.

Jane: We opened about 3.5 years ago. We make 35-40 flavors of shortbread and another product that was born of necessity is our sugar scrub. So you can either eat your sugar or rub it all over your body!

OL: What's your favorite part about what you do?

J: People who don't necessarily love sweets love our shortbread. Hearing that it pleases them is really satisfying.

OL: What's next for Jane's Short & Sweet?

J: The sweetest next step for us involves our Toolbox4Life program. We train students in the basic skills needed to succeed in a commercial kitchen – students who are in a tough spot or caught in the wake of seemingly insurmountable challenges (homelessness, sex/human trafficking, domestic abuse, addiction, mental health challenges, and incarceration).

We hire students out of Toolbox4Life to assist in packaging and labeling the sugar scrub. We want to be enriching the lives of the students with whom we work and ultimately help them have long-term employment.

OL: What does that packaging and labeling process look like?

J: We don't keep any of the profit from our products but it's my first impression to the entire world, so it's really important to me that we use a great product and it's cost effective. That's why I rely on

I use custom printed labels and the entire process has just been fantastic. When I had different requests or tweaks to the labels, OnlineLabels was right there. I had proofs when I needed them, it was the same copy, same fonts, it was the same label – it's what I wanted.

Labeling sugar scrub, cookies, or another product? See how can help your business look professional and flourish. Speak with our customer service team at 1-888-575-2235 to get started.

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