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Home Label Learning Center Favor Ideas For An Art-Themed Party [Free Printable Templates]

Favor Ideas For An Art-Themed Party [Free Printable Templates]

Tutorial, how to create personalized party favors for art-themed party

Looking for a party favor better than the plastic toys that break within minutes or a bag of cavity-ridden candy? Consider passing out art supplies at the end of your next party. It's a stimulating activity that also gives your kids something to do!

Whether your party is art-themed or not, these art supplies are sure to be well-used and appreciated. The best part, they will probably be even less expensive than the traditional goodie bags that you pick up at party stores.

Art Favor Ideas

Here's a list of budget-friendly art supplies you can hand out to kids of all ages:

Giveaway ideas for art-themed party
  • Watercolor palettes
  • Paintbrushes
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Coloring books
  • Play Dough

If you do decide to have an art party, provide paint, brushes, and canvases for the kids to work on as a party activity. Then the takeaway can be both their masterpiece and the supplies that they used.

Personalized Art Favor Instructions

Party favor ideas for an art-themed party

To make the party favors more personalized and festive, follow these quick and easy steps:

Step 1

Get all your supplies together including OL3491KW, 2" x 2" Square Printable Tag.

Browse more printable tag options to view other shapes and sizes.

Step 2

Create custom party favor labels using Maestro Label Designer, our exclusive label design software. You can start from scratch or find a pre-designed template that strikes your fancy. You can also download the free printable label template used in this tutorial, shown below.

Step 3

Paint your party favor gift tags so they're personalized and artistic

Using your home printer, print out your design.

Step 4

Paint or color your own party favor gift tags

Dip your wet brush in watercolor paint and smear it across the top of the tag. Clean the brush and repeat the process with a second color. Have fun with it! The color options are endless.

This is also a good activity for the birthday kid to do to get ready for the party.

Step 5

Attach string to cardstock party favors to start using

Grab your favorite string/ribbon and attach the tag to the art supply favor.

Party favor idea besides candy and cheap toys

Send kids home from your next party with a favor that gets their creative juices flowing. For more fun ideas, browse the DIY & Craft section within our Label Learning Center.

DIY party favors for an art party