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Software ReviewsSureThing Office Labeler
3.59 / 5.0 from 17 users
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SureThing Office Labeler Label Software Review

MicroVision Development®

From MicroVision Development®: Office Labeler makes printing labels a SureThing! Forget about clumsy word processor templates or expensive and hard to use graphic design software. Office Labeler gives you the best of both worlds: Easy to use templates for all popular label and card stock products, all the design tools you could wish for, and a hand-tailored interface for printing on specially cut label sheets.

Everything you’d expect from a great word processor or desktop publisher, including rich text, designer fonts and integrated graphics and images, but specifically designed to print on specialty paper and labels. And we make it so easy! Office Labeler puts hundreds of label templates right at your fingertips. Say goodbye to searching the Internet or creating custom templates. Office Labeler just works!

  • Over 1,000 built in templates
  • World Class Label Design and Printing Software
  • Hassle Free Label Printing
  • Built-in Personal Database - Create and manage small databases directly within Office Labeler

User Reviews

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By Devin DeFranko on 5/1/2015
We've been printing labels with SureThing Office for at least a decade and thanks to its' easy interface and very easy to setup and use database merge functionality, it's saved my small business many dollars in saved man hours. I'd highly recommend this software to any small office that may not have a dedicated technical department to do your printing for you. The usage cost has remained low because while they do put out updates to the software which are free, major upgrades that do cost money are not too frequent. Now days it seems that I'm having to pay for software upgrades for many of the packages we use so often but not with SureThing Office Labeler--that's one of my favorite things about the software.
By Lisa G on 2/23/2009
Love the software, but I can't use it any more because no release for vista is planned.
By jody on 7/21/2008
once you get the hang of SureThing Office labeler... It is VERY easy to use. i recommend it to all my customers.
By Ida K. on 6/26/2008
I purchased Sure Thing at the suggestion of your website about two years ago. I started using it for odd shaped labels not supported by the free Avery software. It is fairly easy to use, although I have not tried all of the features. My favorite part is the ease of its text box application. You simply type in your text and pick a color and font. You can then resize your text (height and length) and shift the box right on the label--this makes design easier. My labels use a lot of text. It can be a bit finicky when trying to use borders around the entire label. It is not very graphics friendly. Once you add a graphic, you can select it, but can only make it proportionally larger or smaller--when you drag the cursor the entire box shrinks or enlarges proportionally--this can make deigning a bit challenging. For examples, I would like to be able to make the graphic narrower without shrinking the entire graphic or make taller or wider--again without affecting the whole graphic!Hope this helps!
By Lynda C. on 6/22/2008
This was the only label creator I could find that allowed me to do circular text! Was inexpensive and exactly what I needed! Thanks online labels for recommending them!
By Robyn B. on 6/21/2008
Of all the labeling software out there, SureThing is the easiest to use. No figuring out sizes or margins, and determining if everything will fit - especially with circles! I've been using it for over a year, and find it the best software to add a lot of text into a small area, such as ingredients. The only thing it doesn't do is curve text, which would be a plus. I like that you can use any font on your own computer, leaving you unlimited options. Well worth the money!
By Dawn L. on 6/21/2008
This is versatile and easy to use software for many sizes of labels. Printing the labels is very easy, and the program has an easy to use feature for adjusting printer differences.
By Chris W. on 6/20/2008
I use Sure Thing Office (at your suggestion) because I can work with my circular labels for food and other items. I find it clumsy and give it about a 5. I also use Design Pro. It allows me to print partial sheets. (6)My main program is Publisher because it is the easiest to use. I tried Maestro Label Designer but for some reason either did not find it easy to learn, but also I don't trust the free part and feel at some time you will start charging for it and my work will be stuck in the program and useless at that point.??? My small business is growing and I'm finding more uses for your products. Thanks
By Angela G. on 6/19/2008
I really like it but it needs to be updated to match all your designs.
By jenn f. on 6/19/2008
Love this program!

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