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Print Studio 2.0® Label Software Review

Information Provided From Jolly Technologies®A complete office solution for all your labeling and printing needs (business cards labels, bar codes, photo id badges, envelopes, CD labels, and more). Print Studio provides a wide variety of powerful, yet easy to use tools (such as shapes, gradient, artistic text, layers and blending, watermark effect, and more). Whether you are looking for an addressing label software, a photo badge designer, a professional barcode labeler, or an artistic CD label maker; this one program includes everything you need. Print Studio® includes over 2,500 predefined templates for industry standard labels (including templates for CD/DVD, badges and standard labels), and 20+industry standard bar codes. Distinguishing features include: one-click database connectivity, connection to any ODBC or OLE DB compliant database front and back printing, mail merging, interactive data feeding, serialized text, integrated database management tool, raster and vector graphics, dot matrix and thermal printer support. This is not an endorsement of Print Studio 2.0® and Jolly Technologies®. We do not sell or service this software.

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A great piece of software and I am sorry that it was discontinued. I now use ID Flow and Lobby Track for all my ID needs.
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Print Studio works o.k., sometimes slow loading. Would use something else if I could find it.
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Used this program to design labels and business cards. Easy to use and transfer into other programs. Very adaptable and has quite a few design options. Overall, pretty satisfied. Very affordable and good deal for the price.
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Excellent labels and I plan on trying Maestro Label Designer software soon.
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great software easy to use
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I think it's a "you get what you pay for" sort of thing. It was cheep and not very much to it. The graphics didn't work well, and for what I needed it for it wasn't very compatable. That is for labels, I would choose a "label designer" program which a family member of mine has and it works a lot better.
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Print Studio is wonderful and easy to use, We make big product labels and the software made it easy
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Print Studio 2.0 seems to work great.
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Print Studio 2.0 is easy and very versatile. Drawbacks are very limited label templates which is what I originally used it for.Great clipart library. A simple program anyone can learn. I now currently use Pagemaker and Illustrator for all my needs.
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Print Studio 2.0 works great, does use a lot of RAM.

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