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Software ReviewsMyLabel Designer Deluxe
2.06 / 5.0 from 16 users
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MyLabel Designer Deluxe Label Software Review


Information Provided From Avanquest®: What if you could take the pain out of printing labels? Better yet, what if you could create your own easily and affordably? MyLabelDesigner lets you do just that. With a step-by-step wizard, and easy to use customization tools to help you select the size, layout and design of your label, you're well on your way to designing labels that fit your needs, saving you time, money, and frustration.

  • Integrated Photo Editor
  • Custom Database Manager
  • Product Barcoding & Import Existing Address Files
  • 5,000+ Label Formats, Templates & Backgrounds

User Reviews

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By ronald beall on 9/3/2017
I should of read the reviews first! Garbage, absolute garbage. Something from the 90's Bye bye 29 bucks. A-holes. Please please do not buy this junk. You can not insert your own logo! Horrible. I bet they do well on fools like me.
By Dan on 4/4/2014
Customer and tech support are very poor. Customer service handles problems with a standard cookie cutter solution. Tech support is only pay per incident if you want a human voice. Try to get a replacement download when your computer crashes and you have repair documentation, forget it!! Robotic customer service rep just kept repeating "sorry you have to buy a new copy".
By Anonymous on 11/10/2011
I am having trouble getting the FIRST NAME and LAST NAME to come together in the print out.gdc
By Anonymous on 10/30/2010
Very user unfriendly! The box is very misleading. Looks like it would be simple to use, but it is not! Sending it back tomorrow! Don't waste your money.
By james elkins on 8/26/2010
I purchased My Label Deluxe Designer from Staples .All I was interested in is to print CD labels.The pictiure on the box indicated that CD labels could be made.No wherein themanual is instructions for CD labels. I don't believe the software is defective but it isdeceptive so the software cannot be returned.
By Basheba on 9/22/2009
This software is awful! I bought it to label some CDs for a project at work (a simple CD cover) but the project turned into a nightmare. I'm pretty good with computers but this is nothing but junk. Here's an example, I put the text in the box that said "enter text here" which did add the text to the CD but then you couldn't remove the "enter text here"; it was still underneath my text! I agree with the other reviewer-I couldn't find 6 million objects but just really bad clip art. This was very hard to use and the results were very limited. I would recommand "Sure Thing" software for labels. It's too bad I was under a time limit and had to work with what I had and wasted $32 on this. It says it's the #1 seller for label software and I bet it's the #1 returned!
By Bobby T on 3/6/2009
I'm not the most technically savy guy, but how do you access 6 million images. I wanted to make labels for my home brewed beer and all I found in the image library were some cheesy cartoon images. There were no labels for bottles; just jars and cans. They included an expired coupon. I went to that site and found that service very expensive!
By James H Boyd on 7/1/2008
I made some labels for a birthday gift and everyone was amazed at how great they were. Love your products!!!
By Ed C. on 6/30/2008
The aforementioned was terrible. Not only didn't it work properly, but no one from customer support would ever call back. And despite their advertisement for money back guarantee, we sent the software back and never heard from them. Label Factory Deluxe works fantastic. The only thing that's dissapointing is that they both related to the same parent company.
By Jason on 6/25/2008
Along with MyLabel Designer, I am using Print Perfect's Label Maker. Both programs are very intuitive and VERY basic. Custom label sizes are limited in Label Maker. In MyLabel, you cannot edit font structures. Customized designs are hard to accomplish. Both programs could also use more templates.

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