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Discus Labeling Software® Label Software Review

Information Provided From Magic Mouse Productions®: This software works great with both Macintosh and Windows formats. Includes all known labels for CD and DVD's, mini-CD's, mini-CD jewel cases, business card CD's, jewel case covers and inserts, DVD cases, VHS spine and face labels, audiocassette labels, shipping labels, address labels, and business/calling cards. More supported labels than any other product, updated constantly to cover new products as they are introduced.

Special text features like curved and angled text makes it easy to fit text to the CD shape. Discus also supports advanced layouts such as spiral text, and offers professional quality glow and drop shadow features.

This is not an endorsement of Discus Labeling Software® and Magic Mouse Productions®. We do not sell or service this software.

  • Supports over 2700 sheet-fed paper label templates
  • Supports 4 different languages English, Nederlands, Français, Italiano
  • Supports multiple picture formats including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PICT, SGI, PSD, TGA, TIFF, PNG, and SGI

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I have used Discus on my PC at work for years and have no complaints at all. However, our institution has removed QuickTime 7 from all systems due to lack of ongoing support for QT from Apple, so Discus will no longer work. Is there any work-around for this problem?
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The new Magic Mouse CD/DVD labeling software, version 4, may be good in some ways, but the fact that it will not incorporate ANY labels created using the 3 series is incredibly non-user friendly, rendering them all lost forever, and requiring their time consuming recreation - BAD PLAN.
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Dear sir/ Madam Thanks for Famous discus template design. Im Using Copytrax printers & Would like to omit the inner circle for the plastic Id Printing. How do i go about it? Brian
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I have yet to find anything bad to say about this. 'Nuff said!
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I am a Mac user and a professional desktop publisher including computer programs on CD. I was using my $869 copy of QuarkXPress to make my labels for many years until I discovered Discus, which came bundled with Roxio’s Toast CD burning program. That was version 2. It ran circles around QuarkXPress, especially for the purposes of CD labels with curved text. Version 4 added many new effects and it even accepts Adobe Photoshop files. I make around 15 custom labels every day and I could not get by without my Discus program. And the ability to run more than one copy of the program at the same time allows me to open several templates simultaneously to work on a DVD box cover and a disk label at the same time. Maybe version 5 will allow multiple windows in one program. Anyone listening, Magic Mouse?
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Demo software is pretty good. Installation disc was bad. Nine months later - nine! - and many many many emails to the company, and I'm still using the demo product, not the program I paid for. Every time the demo expires, they cheerfully tell me the password to continue it, but never send a replacement disc. I don't know how they're still in business.
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I have download this product but not works, now I used iwinsoft cd label maker and works fine. http://www.iwinsoft.com/
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Easy to use and great for novice label makers!
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I purchased Discus Labeling Software and have nothing but good things to say about it. I especially love the way you can place more than one picture on the label.
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Using Discus Labeling Software. Good quality labels. I especially like the transparent ones.

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