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Printing information for OL261WR

Material Overview

OnlineLabels offers a wide selection of materials.Our standard white matte removable label material is a bright white material with our standard removable adhesive. The removable labels can be applied to most surfaces and easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue behind. The material has a 50 lb. facestock and a 45 lb. liner. The label sheet has a thickness of 0.0069 inches +/- 10%.

Print Settings

  • We suggest printing the removable white matte in the "Auto/Unspecified" material type within your printer settings.
  • The white matte removable material is printable in both laser and inkjet printers.

Video Tutorials

White matte removable label (WR) material - Non bonding labels

Our removable white matte is a nonbonding adhesive label material that removes cleanly from most surfaces, and is great for temporary labeling applications. (Play Video)

Removable labels vs. permanent labels

(Play Video)

Tips related to Removable White Matte Material

  • Store label sheets in the original plastic clamshell packaging in a cool, dry place to avoid humidity. Storing label sheets in the printing environment for a short period before attempting to print, allows them to adjust to any temperature changes and stabilize after shipping, which may prevent common printing problems.
  • Prevent label sheets from being exposed to direct sunlight or flood lights.
  • Before you print onto label sheet, first print onto a blank piece of paper. Place the sheet behind the label, and then hold the sheets up to a light to make sure the positioning is correct.
  • Before and after printing, handle label sheets by the edges of the sheet being careful not to get oil from your fingers on the printable removable matte surface. Oil may cause smudging.
  • Allow label to dry completely before stacking, handling or peeling the printed label sheet.

Troubleshooting Issues Related to Removable White Matte Material

  • If you experience any smearing during printing in a laser printer, we suggest selecting the "Labels" material type in printer settings.
  • If you are experiencing any smearing during printing in an inkjet printer, we suggest lowering your DPI or quality setting.

Troubleshooting Issues Related to OL261WR

  • If you are experiencing alignment issues when printing with Maestro Label Designer or a PDF, verify the page scaling is set to none and un-check the “auto rotate and center” option in print settings. It may also be labeled as “Resize Page to Fit Printer Margins.”
  • If you are experiencing additional alignment issues when using Maestro Label Designer or other software, please refer to our Printer Alignment Guide.