Spirit Medicine Soap Co.

by Maureen Trujillo

Spirit Medicine Soap Co. is a family tradition passed on from many generations. We use the labels to qualify and identify the product. My product is handcrafted soap. It comes from a recipe I developed in 1998. I have been making this soap on and off since then and it sells quite well. I have several kinds that I make. The oatmeal soap has proven to be helpful in clearing up eczema and psoriasis-this was an effect I had not planned for and it gives the soap much credibility. I have decided to take my product to a higher level and promote it to other markets besides friends and family. My target market is consumers who are health conscious, who want to purchase a sustainable product that is created with respect to the environment, and who want to purchase a product that is good for them. The brand is Spirit Medicine Soap Co. Oat Bars. The soap is made with all organic oils and is handcrafted. The additives that are used results in a soap that is nourishing and healing to the skin. It stands above commercially produced soaps because it is a true soap, and not a detergent.

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