Free Label Templates for Creating and Designing Labels

By Online Labels
Now that you've purchased labels for your invitations, office organization, products, or event, it's time to begin printing. If you've bought labels elsewhere in the past, you may have been forced to purchase expensive label printing software. Fortunately, provides a variety of free label templates that will make printing your labels easy and affordable!

Microsoft Word Templates

For labels that are primarily text-based, download our free blank label templates for Microsoft Word. You'll get perfectly sized template documents every time so you can waste less time trying to align the labels later. These no-cost templates are available by default in portrait orientation, but can be provided in a landscape format by special request. From there, add whatever text you need and hit print.

Photoshop and Illustrator Templates

If you're looking for a label with more design to it and have access to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, our free blank label PDF templates will give you the flexibility to work in your preferred program. Create complex, professional looking label designs without paying for professional printing or worrying about misalignment.

Maestro Label Designer

Advanced programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop can be fairly daunting to anyone who isn't a professional graphic artist. If you would like the opportunity to create captivating designs without the complexities of advanced software, use the free blank label templates for Maestro Label Designer. In addition to basic functions like uploading images and adding text, Maestro Label Designer makes tasks like aligning objects or creating and adjusting bleeds much easier.

Predesigned Label Templates

In addition to our selection of complimentary blank label templates, provides access to a large variety of free pre-designed label templates. If you don't have time to create your labels from scratch or aren't sure where to start, these free label templates will give you with a head start on creating great personalized labels.

Regardless of the event or application, can provide you with label templates that will allow you to design and print your perfect labels! Need some more inspiration? Check out our Customer Ideas and see what others are doing. Want to trust the design to the professionals? We have a list of pre-approved designers you can choose from in our Designer Marketplace.