Free Label Templates

By Online Labels

Now that you've purchased labels for your invitations, products, or event it's time to begin printing. If you've bought labels elsewhere in the past you may have been forced to purchase expensive label printing software. Fortunately, provides a variety of free label templates that will make printing your labels easy and affordable!

Microsoft Word Templates

If you are interested in creating labels that consist primarily of text you may want to use our free label templates for Microsoft Word. We provide free Microsoft Word label templates for all of our standard products. These free label templates are available by default in portrait orientation but can be provided to you in landscape orientation by special request. You can access our selection of free label templates for Microsoft Word by clicking here.

Photoshop and Illustrator Templates

If you require a more graphically intensive label design and have access to Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop then our free PDF label templates may be the perfect fit for you. These free label templates allow you to harness the impressive power of advanced graphic design programs to create complex, professional looking label designs without paying for professional printing. You can access our selection of free label templates in PDF format by clicking here.

Maestro Label Designer

Advanced programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop can be fairly daunting to anyone who isn't a professional graphic artist. If you would like the flexibility of a graphic design program but in a simpler, more user friendly package, you will most likely want to use the free label templates available within our Maestro Label Designer. In addition to basic functions like uploading images and adding text, the free label templates within Maestro Label Designer provide an easy solution to more advanced tasks like barcodes, QR codes, and nutrition facts. You can even merge data from a Microsoft Excel file onto the free Maestro Label Designer templates. Please click here for more information on accessing the free label templates within Maestro Label Designer.

Free Predesigned Label Templates

In addition to our selection of free blank label templates, does provide access to a large variety of free pre-designed label templates as well. If you do not have time to create your labels from scratch, these free label templates will provide you with a head start on creating personalized labels for an incredible amount of events, holidays, and special occasions. If you would like to browse our selection of free pre-designed label templates, please click here.

Regardless of the event or application, can provide you with free label templates that will allow you to design and print your perfect labels!